Chairman Message

From the desk of Chairman

“Strong Girls, Strong World”

I strongly believe in the words “Strong Girls, Strong World”. I feel that educating a girl means educating and changing the world. Girls should be able to determine their own future. It doesn't matter where they come from. Nav Jyoti Education Society has realised the need of girl education and women empowerment, especially for those girls who come from rural background.

Nav Jyoti Education Society was formed with the virtuous aim of imparting education, enabling the students to face the fast changing and competitive world. There is no dearth of talent around us, the need is of providing the proper channel to that talent. With time being our society realise the need of women empowerment and girl education, and to for the fulfilment of the same C.R.D.A.V Girls College has been founded. On behalf of our institute, I assure the students to provide them the required facilities for their development and better future.

Mr. Ish Kumar Mehta
Nav Jyoti Education Society

Chairman of Nav Jyoti Education Society

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