General Guidelines & Information

Reservation of Seats

  1. 15% of the total seats shall be open and will be filled up on all India basis including Haryana.
  2. Remaining 85% seats are reserved for bonafide residents of Haryana. 50% of the seats reserved for bonafide residents of Haryana are reserved for Scheduled Castes/Backward Classes/Physically Handicapped/Dependents of Freedom Fighters/Ex-Servicemen & their wards belonging to Haryana State as follows :
    • Schedule Class 20%
    • Backward Classes, except socially 27% (16% for Block A, advanced Persons/Sections, 11% for Block B (Creamy Layer)
    • Physically Handicapped 3% (1% for blindness or low vision, 1% for hearing impairment and 1% for locomotor disability or cerebral palsy (which ever found suitable)
    • 3% horizontal reservation will be given to Ex-servicemen/ certificates to ascertain the reservation/weightage /eligibility. Freedom fighters and their dependants by providing reservation within reservation of 1% of General Category, 1% out of scheduled castes and 1% from backward classes category. As far as block allocation in Block A and Block B for backward classes category is concerned, year wise rotational system will be adopted. For example, if Block A of Backward classes are given seats in the academic year 2011, the next i.e. B Block of category of backward classes will be given seats in the next academic year e.i. 2012 and so on. The chairperson of the Department concerned shall maintain the record for the purpose.

General Guidelines & Information

    • 1st Installment : During admission
    • 2nd Installment : October
  2. Note : Dues once paid shall not be refunded or adjusted.

Fee Concession & Scholarship

  1. The students belonging to Scheduled Castes & Tribes shall be provided facilities/concessions of college dues as per Haryana Govt. Rules.
  2. Special concessions from S.A.F. (Student Aid Fund) shall be granted to the students of economically weaker sections.
  3. Scholarships shall be granted to outstanding and brilliant students.
  4. Students exhibiting distinction in sports and cultural activities at university and higher level shall be duly rewarded.
  5. Free Book Bank Facility is available for the poor but priming students.
  6. The Students who enjoy the facilities of fee concession and scholarship must maintain a clean and admirable record, otherwise, the facilities may be withdrawn.

Attendance Rules

  1. In accordance with the Ch. Devi Lal University rules, a student is required to attend at least 75% of the total lectures delivered in each subject, failing which his examination form will not be sent to the university for annual examination.
  2. If a student changes the subject combination, his attendance in the previous subject will not be included in the attendance of the substitute.
  3. If a student remains absent without prior permission from the class continuously for 7 days, his name shall be struck off from the college rolls. There-after his re-admission shall be considered as per university rules.

Rules For Seeking Leave

  1. All leave applications shall be forwarded to the principal, through the concerned tutors.
  2. Application for leave of illness should be appended with proper medical certificate duly issued by a qualified doctor i.e. at least M.B.B.S.
  3. House examinations can not be avoided without assigning reasons & prior permission of the Principal be obtained.
  4. FIRST AID: the invaluable guidance of Red-Cross Society, the fundamentals of First Aid are taught to the students, so that they can become self-sufficient to meet the challenges of emergency for themselves and the needy.
  5. CYCLE/SCOOTER STAND: The vehicles of the students are kept under regular watch within the four walls of the college campus. The students are directed to lock their vehicles and keep them in proper lane.

Code of Conduct for the Students

  1. Morality, honesty and dedication to human thoughts and service are sincerely needed. Theses shall help to achieve the aim of real educationi for carving ideal students and noble citizens with their mind and soul enlightened.
  2. Good behavior and respectful attitude towards the staff, seniors and the people in general, must be observed
  3. Carrying of Mobile Phone & its use in college campus is strictly prohibited.
  4. Students must maintain discipline in and outside the college
  5. Students should uphold decorum all the time, which is conducive for studies.
  6. Students can meet the Principal only for the solution of their important and genuine problems
  7. Students should not loiter in the college corridors, which disturbs the classes.
  8. Co-operatioin of the students is required to keep the campus tidy and clean.
  9. Regularity in attending classes is best expected from all the students. Prayer attendance is also compulsory. Students should be in the college at least 5 minutes before the first bell.
  10. The vehicles should be kept in the specified parking shed only.
  11. During the college hours students should not meet the outsiders without the prior knowledge and permission of the Principal.
  12. Students should carefully watch the notice board daily & instructions contained there in.
  13. Students should not add, alter or remove any article from the college notice board.
  14. Carrying of valuable articles in strictly prohibited in the college.
  15. Writing anything on college walls, furniture, notice board, toilets etc. will amount to strict action.
  16. Students found guilty of indulging in subversive activities may be expelled from the college.
  17. Pay the college dues in time to avoid inconvenience.
  18. Students should take care of their belongings (Books and other articles).
  19. Sticking of posters/banners is not allowed in the college campus.
  20. College leaving applications must be submitted with the signatures of the parents unless the name is struck off.
  21. A student found copying may be expelled form the institution.
  22. Anybody found indulging in ragging or teasing shall be punished.
  23. Complaints and suggestions, if any, may be submitted in writing in the Suggestion Box.
  24. Students should not damage college property.

Literary and Cultural Activities

Specific literary & subject societies are constituted for the students to improve their aptitude & cultural standards. Thus the students are encouraged and provided with ample opportunities to exhibit their talent at University, National & International levels. The Cultural activities may comprise participation in music, singing, declamations, debates, dramas, painting, one-act play, quiz contests etc. Each society functions under the able guidance of an experienced lecturer.

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