Library Rules

  1. Students are requested to maintain calm and serene atmosphere in and around the library, which is conducive for studies.
  2. A student can keep two books issued from the library at a time.
  3. The Book issued must be returned within 14 days, otherwise a fine of Rs. 10/- per book per day shall be charged from the due date of return.
  4. The book returned can be re-issued with the permission of the librarian.
  5. The librarian can ask for the return of the desired book before its due date.
  6. Students should not disfigure or damage library books/periodicals.
  7. If the library book is spoiled/lost, the student shall have to pay double amount of the actual price of the book along with late return fine, if any.
  1. An identity card shall be issued to each student from the college library.
  2. The identity card must bear the signatures of the tutor, the librarian and the principal along with college seal.
  3. Every student must carry the identity card while moving in the college or library.
  4. The books from the library will also be issued on this identity-cumLibrary Card.
  5. In case the Identity card is lost, the matter must be reported to the librarian. Efforts be made to obtain a new identity card as per rules
  6. Students must carry their identity cards with them during excursions, participation in sports or cultural activities outside the college.

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