Vice-Chairman Message

From the desk of Vice-Chairman

“Strong Girls, Strong World”

With the inspiration of providing education to girls, to make them independent awakened and to empower them Nav Jyoti Education Society has established C.R.D.A.V. Girls College. Our institute's main aim is to provide value education keeping in view the pride, prestige and moral ethics. C.R.D.A.V. Girls College will provide platform to the girl students and will help them in accomplishment of their goals and dreams.

We assure our students to help them in being determined to go ahead in life . The safe and secure environment of the college will make girls to explore their talent freely. It doesn't matter how and where you come from, but the timely and specific knowledge takes you to new heights. I heartily wish the students to come to our institute and to have a flight of success.

Mr. Jagdish Mehta
Nav Jyoti Education Society

Vice-Chairman of Nav Jyoti Education Society

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