Vision & Mission


To promote love for learning and just learning …..and not just for learning.

The changing role of the teacher in the present context demands an all round change in interpretation and the actual activities designed in the traditional teacher training programme and the main objective is:- “ To create the ability and the desire in a learner to serve others.”

As an educational institution we know the path we are walking on. We cherish our vision, cherish our ideals, cherish the music that stirs in our heart, the beauty that forms in our minds, and the liveliness that drapes our purest thoughts. Out of these, grow delightful conditions & heavenly environment from where a silent positive revolution starts.

Our vision is to bring a positive change in society as a teacher becomes the harbinger of new world where a human being lives in completer harmony with his own self, with the environment, with other nations and with all the galaxies. Our vision is creation of a world where human beings potentials blossom to the fullest. Our vision is to realize our students that physical boundaries may exist on earth but there should not be mental or attitudinal boundaries amongst human beings.


1. To prepare job creators not job seeker.

2. To create awareness and and unshakable respect for democratic tenets of freedom, equality, fraternity and justice in the teachers.

3. Respect for the earth, the environment and all life forms.

4. Religious faith in “Dignity of Labour.”

5. Service before self.

6. “To teach is to love”, to train, sensitize and inspire teachers to respect the “childhood of a child” and make learning a truly loving experience for the learner, the teacher and everyone involved in the process.

7. To encourage the spirit of enquiry, questioning, logical thinking and child like curiosity.

8. To continuously appreciate, strive, aspire and achieve higher levels of competence and excellence professionally.

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